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It's never too early to learn.....

What I offer


I can schedule a time to meet with you and determine your comfort/skill level.  From there I will be happy to provide instruction.  No need to bring your own firearm for introductory lessons.  I can provide a "loaner" for the purposes of determining what type of firearm is best for you.

Beginner classes for those unfamiliar with firearms

Skills classes and defensive handgun.

Entry level classes for getting aquainted with your new AR platform firearm

Hourly and daily rates available.

CHILDRENS classes.....  Age appropriate classes for gun safety and handling.

Firearms "Concierge" service

What the hell is a firearms "Concierge"?

Jumping into the world of firearms can be intimidating.  There are an unlimited number of types/manufacturers of firearms.  I am glad to help you determine what type, model, and manufacturer fits your needs and budget.

Know the gun you want but having trouble finding it?  Or are you looking for a gun from a particular builder and there aren't any local dealers?  Let me help.  I am glad to reach out to try to get you your preferred firearm

I have a number of different models of handguns to "try on for size" to see what fits your hand best.

I will help you determine your intended use for the firearm (defense, sport, hunting, recreation...)

I don't try to upsell.  Period.  If I can get you the best price on something,  I will.  If someone else can get you the best price, then I am happy to send you to them.

  I offer FFL transfer services and can handle NFA items.  Special rate for military, police, and fire personnel.

Maintenance and cleaning

What I offer


Got a dirty gun?  Found grandpa's old rifle and want it checked out?  Need a part replaced, scope mounted, or gun sighted in?  I got you covered.